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any substance produced by plants that is similar in its properties to extracellular bacterial toxin

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We investigated: (1) large-scale patterns of Ailanthus phytotoxin production and plasticity in phytotoxin production in response to injury across an East-West U.
Our histopathological findings had pointed toward a phytotoxin as the possible cause of the disease (11).
Ground-level ozone is also a strong phytotoxin, causing significant platn damage.
The pathology does not support an infectious cause, but a toxic injury, possibly due to a phytotoxin, may be involved.
In vitro screening of rice germplasm for resistance to brown spot disease using phytotoxin.
The contention that the existence of an effective phytotoxin in the root and rhizosphere of a plant from a densely vegetated, multispecies wetland can be inconsequential to the success of this plant is, in our opinion, questionable.
found that unidentified phytotoxin substances of oak-leaf litter remained inhibitory for phytoplankton for more than 18 months in aerated water, suggesting an unknown complexity of phytotoxin effects.
It can contain phytotoxins that cause blistering of skin, so should be treated with caution, but it is not the same thing as Heracleum mantegazzianum (giant hogweed) which is the one with the toxic sap (and which might also likely be present in Cardiff ).
However, eutrophication is considered also as a major factor in determining reed decline, and the reed weakening by eutrophication is further forced by increased accumulation and decomposition of organic matter under anoxic conditions releasing fatal phytotoxins (Armstrong et al.
analysis of phytohormones, phytotoxins, and volatile organic compounds
However, the lychee-associated acute brain disorder, which has also been reported in Bangladesh and India (Bihar and West Bengal), could also result from ingestion of phytotoxins present in lychee fruit, specifically a-(methylenecyclopropyl)glycine (2), the lower homologue of the neurotoxic L-amino acid hypoglycine (3,4).
They contain a pharmacopoeia of drugs including alkaloids, glucosides, phytotoxins, selenium and a host of other toxins that induce a variety of symptoms.
Previous research suggested that pale swallowworts might be putting phytotoxins into the soil to discourage the growth of competing plants nearby--a process known as "allelopathy.
Allelopathic studies represent the alternative and biological search for natural phytotoxins and synthetic derivatives for use as natural herbicides because these compounds show specific action and have a less harmful impact on the environment (CHOU, 1999).
The topics include gas chromatography and mass spectroscopy for detecting chemical contaminants and residues in foods, veterinary drug residues in foods, toxicants in foods generated by non-thermal processes, phytotoxins and food safety, the chemical contamination of cereals, and the contamination of finfish with persistent organic pollutants and metals.