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the branch of organic chemistry dealing with the chemistry of plants

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Lourens ACU, Viljoen AM, van Heerden FR (2008) South African Helichrysum species: a review of the traditional uses, biological activity and phytochemistry.
Quercetin 3-glycosides from the leaves of Solanum nigrum," Phytochemistry, 28: 1755-1757: (1989)
This all-day rapid course in phytochemistry will cover the general chemistry of natural products from plants for skin health application, according to the Society.
Hisham Abdul-Khader, the associate professor, was a specialist of phytochemistry.
A voucher specimen is deposited at the herbarium of Plant Phytochemistry Division, Department of Zoology, and Annamalai University, India.
Meanwhile, 620 miles to the southeast, the company is setting up a 2,000-square-meter research facility in the Whitefield suburb of balmy Bangalore, which L'Oreal says is "favorable" for bioinformatics 6 the research into the storing and analyzing of biological data 6 and phytochemistry, or the study of the chemicals derived from plants.
Sami Labs' R&D encompasses the areas of Phytochemistry, Synthetic organic chemistry, Biochemistry, Biological analysis, Analytical R&D, Plant tissue culture, Biotechnology, Formulation R&D and cosmeceuticals R&D and Food Technology R&D.
Researchers, students and industry representatives from various countries are discussing the application of analytical methods, phytochemistry, biotechnological, pharmacological and genetics for the development of natural products, taking part in lectures, poster sessions and the round table discussion.
An extensive search of the scientific data bank SciFinder[R] revealed recent results concerning the phytochemistry and possible anticonvulsive actions of the plants.
The first eight chapters introduce phytochemistry, ethnopharmacology and basic concepts and processes of herbal-pharmacology, including reverse pharmacology and research designs, both modern and Ayurvedic.
Monitoring seasonal variation in apple fruit volatile emissions in situ using solid-phase micro-extraction, Phytochemistry Analysis 14:232-240.
Aside from its technological expertise in supercritical extraction, FLAVEX has long-term experience in selecting high grade botanicals, and comprehensive know-how in phytochemistry and analysis using up-to-date instrumentation.
a group of Italian specialists in pharmacy and cosmetic science, physiology, botany, and environmental chemistry and phytochemistry, address the botanical, ethnopharmacological, phytochemical, and molecular aspects of botanical active ingredients used in cosmetics.