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5 6 Attalea plowmanii (Glassman) Zona 5 14 Phytelephas macrocarpa Ruiz & Pav.
2009; Jorge and Howe, 2009), Attalea (Silvius, 2002; Pimentel and Tabarelli, 2004; Almeida and Galetti, 2007), Bactris (Silva and Tabarelli, 2001), Phytelephas (Dalling et al.
Barfod (1988, 1991) studied leaf anatomy of the genera Ammandra, Palandra, Phytelephas and identified two groups: the first includes Ammandra decasperma and Aphandra natalia, with small guard cells, thick cuticle and sclerenchyma sheath around vacular bundles; the second joins together Palandra (=Phytelephas) aequatorialis and Phytelephas karstenii, P.
Las cuatro especies que forman el genero Phytelephas producen las semillas que fueron comercializadas en el mercado internacional.
Demography of the vegetable ivory palm Phytelephas seemanii in Colombia, and the impact of seed harvesting.
8a-d) of Lapageria (Philesiaceae), and the lack of vessels in stems of the palm Phytelephas (Klotz, 1977), and the apparent lack of vessels throughout the plant in most Taceaceae (see original data above).
En sus obras sobre la flora de Peru y Chile, Ruiz y Pavon (1794, 1798) describieron algunas palmeras muy interesantes y de dificil acceso como Geonoma trigona (Gentry, 1986a), asi como los generos Iriartea y Phytelephas.
Igualmente, Bernal (1998) se apoyo en el desarrollo del tallo y en el numero de pinnas para realizar la clasificacion etaria de Phytelephas seemannii, estableciendo cinco categorias etarias, mientras que Navarro et al.
Management plans have been developed for palms such as Mauritia flexuosa, Phytelephas macrocarpa and Euterpe precatoria in the Peruvian Amazonia.
oligocarpus Perez 783 Arecaceae Howea belmoreana FTG 73337 Externo Arecaceae Drymophloeus FTG 9131A litigiosus Roystoneae Roystonea regia FTG 92386 Manicarieae Manicaria saccifera H7641 Leopoldinieae Leopoldinia pulchra H7642 Geonomateae Geonoma interrupta FTG 86408 Cocoseae Elaeis oleifera FTG 87117 Iriarteeae Iriartea deltoidea H 6340 Ceroxyloideae Phytelephas H6247 aequatorialis Tabla 2.
For instance, there were 352 individuals of Astrocaryum carnosum and 34 of Phytelephas macrocarpa (=P.
Presence of fibers and the numerous black scales on the surface make it easy to distinguish Aphandra natalia from other, closely related palms such as Ammandra dasyneura (Burret) Barfod and species of Phytelephas.
Effects vary according to the percentage of individuals harvested, with some precise thresholds proposed in various studies (86% of seeds of Phytelephas seemannii, Bernal, 1998; 40% of shoots of Desmoncus orthacanthos, Escalante et al.
The subcategory Other uses had high values because many use-reports simply described the use as 'handicrafts' or 'ivory' (for instance, the use of Phytelephas seeds which were also used as handicrafts), and therefore could not be precisely assigned to a particular subcategory.
Phytelephas macrocarpa -- yarina -- alimenticio, artesanal, construccion, medicinal 119.