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In the mugging example, clients would be guided in how to become attuned to their physiological states and connect physiological to emotional responses (i.
The technological progress of the OrganOx metra, which makes it possible to keep donated organs in a near physiological state, will pave the way for other applications, such as the transplantation of other types of organs and new types of therapeutic intervention.
A hot hand reflects a complex, subjective psychological and physiological state of mind and body.
The text is noteworthy for its concept and organization, where readers are presented with the case study to be evaluated and, turning the page, flow charts that designate the questions and answers concerning physiological state that will lead the EMS personnel to the decision whether the patient is either sick or not sick and the appropriate procedures that are needed.
Researchers use willing human guinea pigs to measure activity in specific regions of their brain through plugged in response and sensors attached to pick up changes in their physiological state.
Absorption is dependent on vitamin D sufficiency, presence of calcium binders in diet (such as phosphate, oxalate and phytate), age group and physiological state.
The package insert for the ACCU-CHEK Comfort Curve test strips states: "In situations of decreased peripheral blood flow, finger-stick blood testing may not be appropriate, as it may not reflect the true physiological state.
Both teams will be in a similar physiological state during the game, both in terms of pre-game preparation and in relation to the situational stress, and so the winning side may be determined by who can best control their emotions under these conditions.
1], atrial fibrillation returned with gradual return to the preoperative physiological state.
In one approach, changes in fingerprints correlating to metabolite profiles will be linked to a physiological state, without exact knowledge of fingerprint components.
The antimicrobial action of E-beam irradiation against foodborne bacteria can be impacted by several factors, including irradiation dose, temperature, population and types of bacteria, the physiological state of the organism, the gaseous environment and the preservation method.
Investigations carried out using high-voltage high-frequency methods showed the sensibility of Kirlian luminescence to the change of the physiological state of biological objects (Dakin, 1975; Korotkov, 1995).
Their approach targets a physiological state known as dormancy, which affects weed seeds and root buds.
If Satan can find that Hell is within him, Milton insists that through temperate diet, postlapsarian humanity can similarly discover "Paradise is ultimately a moral and physiological state rather than a geographical location" (163).
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