physiological psychology

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the branch of psychology that is concerned with the physiological bases of psychological processes

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Similarly, some students might decide to not take a physiological psychology course because they are "going to become counselors, not neuroscientists.
In an 1828 manuscript, "On the Passions," Coleridge demonstrated his knowledge of German idealism and physiology as well as Humphrey Davy's work on electricity and Luigi Galvani's and Allesandro Volta's work on electricity and magnetism as he develops a physiological psychology which "gives primacy to mind [i.
Physiological psychology is now known as neuroscience.
Algunas de las publicaciones que acompanaron este periodo inicial de su carrera academica son: A note on functional relations obtained from group data (publicado en Psychological Bulletin en 1952), Avoidance conditioning with brief shock and non exteroceptive warning signal (publicado en Science en 1953) y Two temporal parameters of the maintenance of avoidance behavior by the white rat (publicado en Comparative and Physiological Psychology tambien en 1953).
Of those participating, 267 were General Psychology students, 29 were Statistical Methods students, 27 were Advanced Statistical Methods students, 33 were Learning students, 24 were Cognitive Psychology students, 25 were Perception students, and 18 were Physiological Psychology students.
She continued graduate work with an emphasis on physiological psychology at Berkeley.
Teaching physiological psychology in a multimedia classroom.
For as long as the body is seen as a dense network of nerve fibres with vital spirits quickly relaying sense impressions through its channels, then according to the eighteenth century's physiological psychology, emotions and ideas will also travel through the body with peculiar speed and power.
The Hazletts' article is a return to the physiological psychology popular earlier this century.
Social psychology as a counterpart to physiological psychology.
The curious reader can consult any modern textbook in physiological psychology - or psychobiology, or biopsychology, or neuropsychology.
We learn that his early interests in physiological psychology were overtaken by economics after Hayek's service in World War I, where he experienced first hand the nationalist problem and its implications for political organization.
Presented alphabetically by title, 300 articles probe both enduring and exciting new topics in physiological psychology, perception, personality, abnormal and clinical psychology, cognition and learning, social psychology, developmental psychology, language, and applied contexts.
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