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of or consistent with an organism's normal functioning


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We make only the oxygen, my worthy Michel; and with regard to that, we must watch that the apparatus does not furnish the oxygen in too great a quantity; for an excess would bring us very serious physiological troubles.
The first pattern followed a physiological pathway that was expected in advance and, indeed, was exhibited by most subjects.
However, such marketing defies scientific knowledge because there is no physiological evidence that polyphenols have any such action in humans.
Wiley-Blackwell, the scientific, technical, medical and scholarly publishing business of John Wiley & Sons (Hoboken, NJ), has been selected by the American Physiological Society (APS; Bethesda, MD), a national society devoted to fostering education, scientific research, and the dissemination of information in the physiological sciences, as publisher of "Physiology Online," a new compendium of current knowledge of all aspects of physiology.
Being in Pain is not a treatment-focused book per se, neither physiological nor psychological.
Washington, Nov 14 (ANI): People having anxiety disorders believe that they have more physiological problems than they really have, says a new University of Granada study.
He has also served as the Editor of the Council for High Blood Pressure Newsletter and a member of Editorial Boards of American Journal of Hypertension, American Journal of Physiology: Renal, Journal of CardioMetabolic Syndrome and News in Physiological Sciences.
Handbook of physiological research methods in health psychology.
Intensity: You also have to monitor your intensity level to make sure that you are working out hard enough to create a physiological change in your body.
Ghrelin is a circulating peptide hormone principally produced in stomach cells that has multiple physiological actions, including appetite stimulation and muscle-building (anabolic) effects.
Alligators with intact circulatory systems digested the bone more rapidly than did animals that couldn't shunt blood, Farmer reported last week at an American Physiological Society meeting in Virginia Beach, Va.
while human intellect has developed rapidly since our species first walked upright, the physiological mechanisms that maintain our survival have evolved comparatively little.
PURPOSE: This study determined the physiological responses of female fire fighters to two similar bouts of work.
Organisms constantly adjust to changes in temperature, humidity, workload, and other factors that can cause stress using a variety of physiological and behavioral responses.
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