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the study of physical features of the earth's surface

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Having knowledge of physiographic features of a catchment area with an awareness of climatic conditions can provide a fairly accurate picture of the qualitative and quantitative functioning of the hydrological system (Aher et al.
The rationale of selecting different districts of province lies in their physiographic diversity and variety of crops cultivated there (Map 1).
Soil map units within the overlap that belonged to different physiographic zones than those in the tile were removed to prevent dilution of local relationships between soils and covariates.
However, the 2014 survey resulted in extensive data on five common water quality variables--pH, specific conductance, total alkalinity, total hardness, and calcium hardness--in streams of the major physiographic regions of Alabama.
Instant information was needed prior to the calibration about the DDFs values for a particular climatic and physiographic condition of the watershed.
The boundaries of the provinces are established through consideration of geologic materials, seismic sources, tectonic settings, and major faults and physiographic divisions (Fig.
The Blue Ridge Mountains are a physiographic province of the larger Appalachian Mountains range.
As part of the operational AFBWS design beginning in 1993, New Jersey was assigned 92 plots across the five physiographic strata within the state (Heusmann and Sauer, 2000).
2] area within the Ozark Highlands physiographic region of southcentral Missouri.
government to design and build "detailed physiographic diagrams of the North-West African Coast" during the summer of 1942 (Grandinetti 1973, 73).
That was a clear indicator of the steep physiographic status of the study area while Rb in the lower order was in constant state shown in Figure-4 and Table-1.
Physiographic and entomologic risk factors of malaria in Assam, India.