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the science of matter and energy and their interactions

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the physical properties, phenomena, and laws of something

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Think Physics has received praise from Newcastle Central MP Chi Onwurah, an engineer herself, who has called for more to be done to inspire girls to get into STEM careers.
Various topics such as atomic, molecular and plasma physics, applied physics, condensed matter and statistical physics, nuclear physics and high energy particle physics, physics education and philosophy, as well as mathematical physics, astrophysics and cosmology will be discussed during the congress, sources noted.
More recently, cutting-edge physics theories have had far fewer technological consequences.
Good physics education is the backbone of a first-class work force in science, technology, engineering and mathematics," says Dr.
Of the 23 eighth-graders to take the national AP physics test last may, 14 were from Walter Reed.
Although the string universe includes the pointlike, elementary particles of conventional physics, such as quarks and electrons, those are just vibrations of the more-fundamental strings.
Workshop on fundamental neutron physics at the advanced neutron source, Oak-Ridge, Tennessee, Nov 9-10, 1993.
The discipline of physics has evolved into a culture of relatively homogeneous individuals who have developed their own established practice with characteristic behaviors and language.
The committee in part felt that physics required too much math for freshmen, which is untrue, according to physics Nobel Prize winner Leon Lederman, who is also a resident scholar at the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy.
Indeed, engineering best practices in the 1950s differ vastly from those of 2002, while the laws of physics remain the same, he says.
Their paper, "The role of stress concentrations in accelerated creep and sorption-induced physical aging," in the Journal of Pulp and Paper Science, April 2000, has been selected by an international panel of judges as the greatest contribution to the field of paper physics this year.
researchers from formally participating in seven new Physics Expert Groups set up by the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) parties, even though the groups mainly are working on generic fusion science issues on a voluntary basis outside the formal ITER framework.
A National Science Foundation grant is a strong endorsement of the Factory Physics approach and speaks to the value of the framework in helping organizations optimize their supply chains by applying basic science to manufacturing," said Mark Spearman, founder, president and CEO of Factory Physics Inc.
Burdened by tedious equations and difficult terminology, many a student has wondered what physics has to do with real life.
polarization component, which is perpendicular to the plane spanned by the spin of the decaying neutron and the electron momentum, would signal a violation of time reversal symmetry and thus physics beyond the Standard Model.
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