physician-patient privilege

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the right of a physician to refuse to divulge confidential information from a patient without the consent of the patient

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96) The Arkansas Supreme Court held that the plaintiff was entitled to a new trial--and that Malcolm was required to be disqualified from defending the action--as the result of his ex parte contact with the mother's non-party, treating physician in violation of the physician-patient privilege.
Appeals has found that the physician-patient privilege serves three core
LEGAL COMMENTARY: The physician-patient privilege is, as it should be, virtually sacrosanct
Some commentators argue that HIPAA was, in fact, an "Act of Congress" that created a physician-patient privilege.
This Note focuses on New York's treatment of the physician-patient privilege, the psychologist-patient privilege, and the social worker-patient privilege.
Military Rule of Evidence 513 is not a physician-patient privilege, but "a separate rule based on the social benefit of confidential counseling recognized by Jaffee, and similar to the clergy-penitent privilege.
While the General Assembly has implicitly recognized the existence of a qualified physician-patient privilege in Virginia, the only explicit statutory pronouncement of the privilege is an evidentiary rule restricted to testimony in a civil action .
Munsen(2) - have diminished the physician-patient privilege in that state to meaninglessness and may have a profoundly negative effective on the privilege in other jurisdictions.
Like the attorney-client privilege with which it is often compared, the physician-patient privilege is designed to serve an important societal interest by encouraging individuals to impart confidential information to their physicians, secure in the knowledge that those confidences will be protected.
The Estate lawyer, Howard Weitzman fired off a cease and desist letter to Murray saying that his recent comments to the media about Jackson's medical treatment and ultimate death shamefully violate the physician-patient privilege under California law.
The court held, inter alia, that the legislature created the physician-patient privilege by statute "where none existed before, and [provided] an explicit but limited scheme for the disclosure of personal medical information.
However, one area where courts are careful to recognize limitations in the discovery process is in cases where physician-patient privilege is involved.
relation to the physician-patient privilege is sufficiently broad to
19) The Court distinguished a general physician-patient privilege by noting that physicians can successfully diagnose and treat patients based upon physical exams, whereas psychotherapists must obtain their patients' trust for successful diagnosis and treatment.
First, Lefkowitz rejected Cryobank's argument that a physician-patient privilege between the doctors and the donor would bar disclosures.
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