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(philosophy) the philosophical theory that matter is the only reality

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His final chapter efficiently situates the early 20th century formation of media physicalism within the present context of digital media.
2010), "Is Non-reductive Physicalism Viable within a Causal Powers Metaphysic?
8) Rayo says rejecting physicalism raises embarrassing questions (p.
Token physicalism holds that individual instances of mental states (hence, tokens) are indeed physical or material states.
He considers behaviorism, identity theory, functionalism, representational theories of the mind, intentionality, eliminitivism, consciousness, nonreductive physicalism, and mind's place in nature.
The first school is nonreductive physicalism, which asserts that all token mental states are identical with token physical states but mental types are in general irreducible to physical types.
Rather, physicalism must be paired with noology, which insists on the primacy of "the image of thought" (Deleuze and Guattari 44).
He defends his ethics in the essays 'The Greatest Happiness Principle' (1991); 'Metaphysics, Physicalism, and Animal Rights' (1983); and 'Vivisection, Morals, Medicine: Commentary from and Antivivisectionist Philosopher' (1983).
Some of these discussions have been fraught with conflicts between disciplinary differences and assumptions, especially around vexed questions concerning scientific, philosophical and culturalist understandings of materialism, physicalism, determinism and 'information', for example.
If this is the case, then the sense-data theory is fundamentally incompatible with what I take to be the dominant theory in the philosophy of mind during the last decades, namely physicalism.
If physicalism is adequate here, the descriptive and propositional knowledge should be enough to allow Mary to form the experience before her release.
What "that devil" named Turnbull "dreams" is nothing other than the scientific physicalism that has become the regnant (if unconfessed) creed of modern Western life.
The 'Dry land' in Development Discourse: Physicalism as a Strategy
For Caloprese (as well as for Gravina), on the contrary, innovation coincides with the moral world of freedom (from all forms of determinism and chains of causality, from the one-sidedness of physicalism, from purely empirical appearances, from all despotic rules and fashions, and from a mechanical obsequiousness to the classical inheritance) or, as Rena Lamparska aptly refers to it, with the libertas philosophandi.
Precisely because its approach is entirely that of modern physicalism, it lacks spiritual understanding.
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