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Fungi is helping to greatly increase food-production for the growing needs of the planet without the need for enormous amounts of fertilizers due to symbiotic association between mycorrhizal fungi and physical structure of the plant roots.
The first section of the review will examine the theme pertaining to how water security relates to the ideational value that physical structures have to governments as well as to rural populations.
The 'old' news is that the emphasis in many breeds is on physical structure as a way to produce fashionable, in-style, and judge-pleasing appearances," she says.
It also allows a user to classify and correlate defects, analyze redundancy utilization, and localize physical failures by zooming into the physical structure and locations of memory instances based on retrieved memory failures.
This third volume in a four-volume set focuses on physical structures and properties of single macromolecules, physical structure in the solid state, polymers in solution, and bulk states.
The scientists said there was a "growing body of evidence" pointing to major changes in the physical structure of the brain.
The crucial factor in that feat, the robot's developers say, was to program the device's computer to create and update a representation of the machine's physical structure.
A new, 112-page sourcebook for Palladium's 'Heroes Unlimited' role-play gaming, "Powers Unlimited 3" is an expanded second edition of a popular title that features 133 new Super Abilities and numerous sub-powers, 46 new Minor Super Abilities, 77 new Major Super Abilities, 19 new types of Alter Physical Structure, 10 new Animal Ability types, new Random Power tables.
The home inspection is a visual examination of the physical structure, major components, and mechanical systems of a home.
The authors examine chemical and physical structure of materials related to degradation and remediation.
She shows how such shipyard factors as periodic unemployment, the physical structure of the yards themselves, and a variety of systems of compensation (including piece rates and bonuses) undercut workplace solidarities.
The capability to take measurements through certain printing inks may yield new information about printing defects, especially if it is possible to relate printing defects to distribution of coating chemicals or physical structure of paper coating.
It's fine if you want to talk about the idealistic benefits of some type of symbiotic merging of silicon and carbon intelligence or physical structure, but does anybody know what the environmental impact of developing the sort of computer power necessary for this would be?
These fibers are the physical structure in which different states of a light wave can be coupled to perform useful functions.
The CCA concluded that the majority of cases interpreting the ADA limit the term "place of public accommodation" to an actual physical structure.
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