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providing help for disabled persons

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As well as the physical restoration of Dinefwr, the project will help to preserve and enhance the heritage and overall appeal of the Tywi valley for future generations.
The Allgood case hinged on whether the term "repair" in Meridian's contract language means physical restoration to the function and appearance before damage or whether it means to include restoration of the vehicle's market value.
We commemorate not only the physical restoration of the site, we also celebrate the strength and resilience of the human spirit.
The intricate work of the physical restoration of the Italian Gardens and the park will start in the near future with the gardens re-opening to the public in late spring.
In other words, the Laocoon problem is not merely contaminated by, but actually made up of, histories of philosophy and psychology; as well as histories of style, norms of physical restoration, and continuing archaeological finds.
That statement provides a neat analogy to what got Ahern involved with his peers to begin with -- the physical restoration project at his parish.
In 1997, four friends with a vision collaborated to start a firm that offers physical restoration services to African American communities and businesses.
she returns to physical therapy and again works on her physical restoration.
He said: "The number one requirement is for a major investment in the physical restoration of the buildings teachers work in and in reducing class sizes so teachers can give proper attention to pupils.
The University of Michigan Model Spinal Cord Injury System is directing a project involving CIL's to enhance community integration by including independent living personnel during acute rehabilitation to help shift the focus from medical interventions and physical restoration to independent living following discharge.
Their research findings became the source references for the physical restoration.
Tenders are invited for Project Management for Flood Protection Works and the Physical Restoration of the Joyeuse River.
That will take much, much more than just a physical restoration.
The scheme is focused on Pioneer House and the North West Quarter of the Dewsbury Town Centre Conservation Area and as well as physical restoration, the scheme will also offer training in architecture and restoration techniques to help support local employment opportunities.
Mr Lowther will work with Mike Herbert, the St Modwen director responsible for delivering the physical restoration, development works and letting, and with the existing Trentham Gardens management team.
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