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In his introduction, Lindley writes that only in recent years have physicists begun to understand what a measurement really is and by what physical process it makes ``indefinite things definite.
Within the conceptual and physical process that underlies her work, the tragic excess of House lies dormant like a sleeping beauty who could awaken at any moment.
With Tusek, the lack of definition in the figurative paintings relates to the materials used, as well as to the physical process of repeating the same image with the application of each different layer.
These insights have been mathematically refined to form the basis of a physical process called decoherence.
By streamlining the physical process, we achieve efficiencies that enable us to pay an unprecedented commission of up to 35% to our sales consultants.
While "eyesight" is the physical process of focusing light within our eyes, usually tested at a distance of 20 feet and typically corrected with glasses, contacts or laser surgery, "Vision" is our ability to understand and respond to what is seen.
My feeling is that regardless of whether this has value as a prediction tool, they may be looking at a very important physical process in the crust.
The reason was a physical process called "Two-Photon Absorption," which occurs when two photons from the pump beam hit an atom at the same time and knock an electron away.
However, each type would seem to originate from an entirely different physical process.
In addition to forecasting currency demand, Morphis' fully integrated suite of products simplifies and automates physical process flows for cash vaults, call centers and operations teams.
Marsden says that although the small size of these near-Earth asteroids is intriguing, scientists currently lack compelling evidence that all of the bodies were created by the same physical process.
Our proprietary approach to Global Illumination, pioneered by Mark Wendell, CG Supervisor, combined with mental ray's ability to simulate the physical process of light propagation to produce realistic lighting, helped us to create among the most visually compelling work ever seen in feature animation.