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The move will allow students to have their own labs and to get directly involved in the experiment by modelling the physical phenomenon through a set of equations and carrying out simulations to yield particular results.
Dinnissen will be introducing a new application for the vacuum coater, based on the physical phenomenon that liquids boil at a lower temperature under vacuum.
In each self-contained chapter on a specific physical phenomenon, the topic is explained theoretically, the equations governing the physical phenomenon are derived, and then the modeling techniques are presented.
It's not that Weiser is all that fascinated by magnetism as a physical phenomenon.
That's the physical phenomenon that Heller models in computers and portrays with his prints, which now go for hundreds of dollars or more.
0 uses finite element analysis to solve models that use more than one physical phenomenon, known as multiphysics models.
Words such as "rich," "bright" or "brilliant," which sometimes are used to describe sound, are somewhat subjective, but a physical phenomenon occurs when the hammer strikes the string, creating different qualities or timbres of sound.
It begins by identifying the following assumptions that underlie a clinical perspective of disability: disability is a physical phenomenon, disability is an individual phenomenon, disability is a chronic illness, and disability requires remediation or fixing.
They speculated that the notch was the result of either a subclinical pathologic change or some other physical phenomenon.