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good physical condition


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She added, "However, we encourage increased physical fitness in any way - even what may seem like minor steps.
She added, 'However, we encourage increased physical fitness in any way - even what may seem like minor steps.
It added that departmental action shall be initiated against the SHOs who will not reduce their extra weight and waist and fail to achieve desired physical fitness.
The program aims to develop and maintain the physical fitness for every personnel in order for them to perform everyday task efficiently and effectively.
Further, walking pace was strongly linked to an individual's objectively measured exercise tolerance, and a good measure of overall physical fitness.
Association between mid- to late life physical fitness and dementia: evidence from the CAIDE study.
University officials said many colleges have overlapping dates for physical fitness test due to which earlier students used to suffer.
Arthur Lamb eventually became an influential force in Canada's physical fitness development from his position as director of physical education at McGill University.
MARYLAND (CyHAN)- Yes, even astronauts warm-up and stretch as part of a healthy physical fitness program and an effective space training program.
The purpose of this study was to evaluate musculoskeletal injury rate and physical fitness before and 6 months after an endurance, strength, and motor control exercise program in 40 preprofessional dancers.
Amman, June 4 (Petra)-Deputizing for His Majesty King Abdullah II, His Highness Crown Prince Al Hussein bin Abdullah II on Tuesday patronized the celebration to honor the winners of the King Abdullah II Award for Physical Fitness.
Keywords: Implementation level of a physical education program, Quality Physical education program, Quality physical education teacher, Adolescent health-related physical fitness.
THE Army's new physical fitness test was administered to a group of Fort Benning, Ga.
This action research project report began when the teacher researcher determined that students exhibited physical fitness levels below that of the state and national norms, and also displayed negative attitudes about physical education.