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Synonyms for exhaustion

Synonyms for exhaustion

the condition of being extremely tired

Synonyms for exhaustion

serious weakening and loss of energy

the act of exhausting something entirely

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Over time this can translate into physical exhaustion and mental fatigue, both of which can be devastating and dangerous.
The four subscales are: (1) Positive Engagement (Enthusiastic, Happy, Upbeat); (2) Revitalisation (Refreshed, Energetic, Revived); (3) Tranquillity (Calm, Relaxed, Peaceful); and (4) Physical Exhaustion (Fatigued, Tired, Worn Out).
Physical exhaustion works in a more complicated manner.
Tait, who returned to action earlier this year after taking a break with mental and physical exhaustion in 2008, has played 22 one-day internationals as well as three Tests for Australia.
A study in the March issue of the Journal of Applied Physiology found that people who performed a mentally tiresome task just before exercising reached physical exhaustion much faster than those who were mentally rested before starting their workouts.
He is also concerned with what 'going on crusade' actually involved in addition to lighting: the home-sickness, physical exhaustion, hunger, illness and problems of returning home were just some of the difficulties people faced.
The singer suffered a rumoured breakdown in 2001, when she was admitted to hospital with emotional and physical exhaustion.
SYDNEY: Shaun Tait became the latest high-profile Australian to quit cricket yesterday after the fast bowler announced he was taking an indefinite break due to emotional and physical exhaustion.
Emotional and physical exhaustion (odd shift s, double shift s and overtime expected)
They battled physical exhaustion and altitude sickness on their arduous journey, all to perform the sacred kora (circumambulation) of Mount Kalish and seek religious inspiration.
The symptoms that correspond to Phos acid include listlessness and apathy, emotional and physical exhaustion, poor memory, difficult concentration, a headache of temples and vertex, joint pain and a low grade fever.
It is caused by a wide variety of factors, anemia being just one of them, and in contrast to normal physical exhaustion it cannot be relieved by recreation.
But after four years of mental and physical exhaustion I am only $30,000 in debt.