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The relationship between the physical entity and its constituent materials is therefore one of entanglement rather than of cause and effect, and for this reason neither is capable of explaining the singular occasion.
The consolidation of these events will then depend on the corresponding model of the originating physical entity.
It evokes a striking moment in the Jewish story: a frozen instant when "Israel," not yet a physical entity, was at serious risk of being destroyed as a notional one in Europe.
Virtualization is "the method of making a physical entity act as multiple, independent logical entities, simplifies a physical IT infrastructure, providing centralized management over your technology assets and better flexibility of resource sharing.
Detroit Lake already exists as a physical entity, of course - a big (nine miles long) reservoir formed by Detroit Dam, which blocks the North Santiam and Breitenbush rivers.
xplanations for dark energy fall into two basic camps: those theories that add a new physical entity or those that change the laws of gravity, according to Eric Linder with the University of California at Berkeley.
But it always pays to consider the racehorse as a physical entity before writing her off as a star who fell to Earth.
With plans for a staff of 15, however, the university is less a physical entity than a governing headquarters that aims to better coordinate education programs.
Protecting the physical entity is just one of a series of such countermeasures, albeit an important one - a fact well recognised not only by Visa and MasterCard themselves, but also by enforcement officers from Hong Kong to the US Secret Service, who point out that the hologram is the first thing they look at on a suspect card.
She no longer had any recognition of herself as a physical entity, with hands and feet and a body, but as a fluid, directly connected to the ultimate reality.
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