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Hamediyan in 2010 indicated that a chosen physical preparation on the aerobic power and 30-40 aged men's body compositions led to reduce the body fat percentage and had positive effected on physical composition and increased aspiration system efficiency of the sample persons[4].
The experience accumulated, inherited and lived, and the evaluation of that data in order to operate his body effectively, are part of his being as naturally as the physical composition of the body.
They analysed the chemical and physical composition of the chunk and concluded it was extremely pure ice.
Table-5 demonstrates the change in the physical composition of waste such as combustible and noncombustible waste in Chekkanurani.
The book examines, in minute detail, the physical composition of what Arn calls the poet's 'notebook': a manuscript, originally unbound, whose production Charles oversaw for a period of some 30 years, from the time when he was a prisoner in England, to his death in France in 1465.
The physical composition of municipal solid waste in urban areas of India is shown in Table 2.
The growth performance, physical composition and meat characteristics of finishing pigs were not greatly affected by the sex.
In assessing the significance and influence of the Medici collection in chapter 5, "The Foundations of Modern Art," Fulton indulged in amplificatio: "for it was the instigating force in a revolution that permanently altered the physical composition of art objects and habits of reception" (125).
This book covers every aspect of medieval manuscript studies, short of the materials and physical composition of the manuscript.
The intrinsic cues are those characteristics which are inherent to the physical composition of the product, and those which cannot be altered without first changing the nature of the product.
A green sand molding medium in a sand system is continuously changing in physical composition and quality because of the variable effects of the metalcasting process.
Lorian says her father had always struggled with gender identity: "I talked to my mother about this, and she said that this was part of my father's psychological and physical composition from very early on.
Originally released in early 1995, this very impressively-sized American software explores not only the base physical composition of the Earth, but its economic, political, social, artistic and human variants.
Has, for example, the physical composition of the book determined that the acceptable formula for fiction is beginning-middle-end?
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