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This spiriting away of the physical body is addressed in Paul Muldoon's "Aisling," a parody of the 18th-century Irish visionary poems: "Was she Aurora, or the goddess Flora,/Artimedora, or Venus bright,/or Anorexia, who left/a lemon stain on my flannel sheet?
The statement underpins the pitiable state of being locked in a physical body of a certain sex by an unorthodox craving for the same sex, not for the opposite sex.
Written under the principle that neither science nor religion alone can hold all the answers to understanding the human condition, Change Your Mind affirms the soul's existence after death with the methodical logic of a scientist--no, the existence of an afterlife cannot be proven per se, but neither can the mystery of conscious awareness within a physical body be explained without the existence of something that transcends the limits of mere matter.
JOAN SAYS: Vehicles such as cars represent our physical body and how we 'drive' through life.
describes the nudist Nacktkulktur movement that emerged in Germany at the end of the 19th century with the aim of healing and beautifying the physical body as part of the larger effort to reform and regenerate the national or racial body.
Written to counter a negative culture of self-hatred by cultivating appreciation for the holy qualities of the physical body as God's temple, Divining the Body focuses on different physical parts chapter by chapter: the feet, legs, hands, back, generative organs, belly, heart, breasts, throat, ears, eyes and brain.
It was years later that the purpose for this physical cultivation became understood when I read that Sri Aurobindo's work included bringing the higher levels of consciousness down into the physical body, and eventually into matter itself.
When you go to 'Aeros,' you feel as if you've been taken on a journey of what the physical body is capable of,'' he said.
In light of these other nineteenth-century black women's attempts to either defuse or deny the black woman's sexualized body, Our Nig's detailed descriptions of the physical body appear all the more striking.
When a pitcher "switches off" his right hemisphere, it "weakens" the left side of his physical body.
The astral body can detach itself from the physical body, usually during sleep, and travel elsewhere.
He explains that at the same time people surpass the physical body and become linked to a network of people who share the same signs or symbols, they also redefine and rework their ties to the physical world.
An out-of-body experience is a kind of astro projection where the subject seems to leave their physical body and forays into a real of expanded consciousness, viewing their environment with an awareness that is both familiar and strange for extended periods of time.
Try this: To truly immerse yourself in the joy of being a spirit within a physical body, think of yourself as a "good" animal.
In this way parents are teaching children the value of respecting the physical body of others while they learn to control and properly express their aggressive impulses.
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