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the ability to perform some physical act

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A large number of standardised instruments for measuring the physical ability of older people are used in both research and clinical practice as tools in the decision-making process (American Physical Therapy Association 2001, Finch et al 2002).
Everybody has the physical ability here," Niedermayer said.
A Canadian group reported on an abnormally reduced signal called "Black T2" associated with losses of physical ability in MS.
It follows logically that dance, which often offers views of male dancers publicly articulating their powerful and nubile bodies, as a form that reveres grace, subtlety and exciting feats of physical ability, plain and simply attracts the attention of gay men.
Improved physical ability was also ambiguously associated with being older.
He was presented with a trophy at his passing out ceremony for his enthusiasm, determination and physical ability.
Now the 22-year-old has to show the mental and physical ability to put behind him the nightmare scenario of failing a drugs test.
Few players have the physical ability to strike a ball under pressure across the full width of the field.
For those residents with medical conditions that prevent or limit physical ability, bathing may be the one simple form of physical activity in which they can participate.
The scores were added together, with 12 representing optimal physical ability.
The Federation of Gay Games welcomes all athletes "without regard to their sexual orientation, gender, race, religion, nationality, ethnic origin, political belief, physical ability, athletic/artistic ability, or HIV status.
The only difference between them and a terminally ill person is that the people in the World Trade Center had the physical ability to end their lives and were, at the time, free from legal intervention to prevent them from doing so.
Sensory panels are made up of individual human assessors who exhibit differences in physical ability and overall performance.
As he puts it, "We look at agility as deriving from both the physical ability to act (response ability) and the intellectual ability to find appropriate things to act on (knowledge management).