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New investigations on systematics and evolution of the class Scyphozoa and the phylum Cnidaria.
El phylum Mollusca presento el mayor numero de especies con 11, seguido del phylum Echinodermata con tres especies, luego la superclase Crustacea con dos especies y una familia indeterminada, el phylum Cnidaria con una especie y el phylum Annelida con una familia indeterminada
El phylum Cnidaria solo fue observado en playa Paraiso, no encontrandose ningun ejemplar en El Lenguado.
All members of the phylum Cnidaria produce cnidae, complex cellular secretory structures responsible for the stinging capabilities of jellyfish and their relatives.
Nematocysts, one of three types of cnida, are intracellular capsules produced only by members of the phylum Cnidaria (e.
crispa broadcast-spawn eggs and sperm into the water column for external fertilization (Scott and Harrison, 2005, Scott and Harrison, in press), which is considered the ancestral pattern for the phylum Cnidaria (Fautin et al.
Cnidocytes, the sting cells of members of the phylum Cnidaria, are used for a variety of functions, including food capture, locomotion, intra- and interspecific aggression, and defense.
Table 1 List of major taxa of species present in the mixed plankton samples Phylum Cnidaria Class Hydrozo Pennaria sp.
Metazoa of the tissue grade of construction - the radiate phyla - Phylum Cnidaria.
Within the phylum Cnidaria, however, gap junctions were reported to be abundant in the Hydrozoa, but absent in the Scyphozoa and the Anthozoa (Mackie et al.