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an expanded petiole taking on the function of a leaf blade

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The biopsy of the left breast was performed under ultrasound guidance, and the pathological finding indicated a malignant tumor of mesenchymal origin, otherwise known as a gigantic cystosarcoma phyllodes [Figure 1]e.
5) The histogenesis of primary osteosarcoma of the breast has not been fully elucidated, though an origin from totipotent mesenchymal cells of the breast stroma or a transformation from a pre-existing fibroadenoma or phyllodes tumor have been suggested.
Phyllodes tumours were seen in 2 patients from 3 rd and 4th decade of life.
Malignant phyllodes tumor, previously known as cystosarcoma phyllodes or periductal stromal tumor, is a lobulated and well-demarcated solid tumor with homogeneous or heterogeneous echo-texture.
20 In this study, among the lesions in grade 4A, there were 13 cases of benign lesions including two cases of adenoma, five cases of adenoma fibrosum, two cases of intraductal papilloma, one case of mastitis, one case of breast phyllodes tumor, one case of hyperplasia of mammary glands and one case of granulomatous inflammation and seven cases of malignant lesions.
Table 1: Frequency of FNA diagnosis of 1,000 breast lesions in various age groups Breast lesions Age (years) 16-20 21-30 31-40 Inflammatory Acute mastitis 3 26 8 diseases Chronic granulomatous 4 7 9 (n = 159) mastitis Tubercular mastitis 1 4 3 Benign Fibroadenoma 108 327 3 lesion Lactating adenoma 4 26 6 (n = 573) Fibrocystic change - 5 19 Fibroadenosis 12 17 1 Gynecomastia 5 6 Galactocele 1 2 3 Benign phyllodes 2 1 Organized hematoma 2 2 1 Malignant Duct carcinoma 7 lesion Mucinous carcinoma (n = 268) Papillary carcinoma Medullary carcinoma Lobular carcinoma Metastasis Total Breast lesions Age (years) Total ?
Phyllodes tumor (PT) is a relatively rare biphasic breast tumor that accounts for only 0.
As PASH may occasionally adopt a solid fascicular growth pattern, it can be confused with pure mesenchymal spindle cell lesions (myofibroblastoma; leiomyoma; and fibromatosis) or fibroepithelial lesions (fibroadenoma; hamartoma; and phyllodes tumors) containing a spindle cell component [11,12].
These findings were very similar to a phyllodes tumor of the breast.
13) The main histologic differential diagnoses for DFSP are metaplastic carcinoma, fibromatosis, myoepithelioma, and Phyllodes tumor.
Phyllodes tumor of the breast: a clinic-pathologic study of 77 cases in a Hispanic cohort
Specific benign and malignant lesions Pathological diagnosis n Benign lesions (N = 98) Atypical ductal hyperplasia 1 Phyllodes 1 Ductal ectasia 2 Lipoid necrosis 2 Ductal hyperplasia 8 Fibroadenoma 14 Sclerosing adenosis 20 Fibrocystic change 50 Malignant lesions (N = 4) Ductal carcinoma in situ 3 Invasive lobular carcinoma 1 Table 3.
Open biopsy specimens reported by three pathologists as: 1-Nondiagnostic, 2-Benign, 3-Proliferative with Atypical Changes (Atypical hyperplasia, Small papillomas with atypia, Phyllodes tumor), 4-Ductal carcinoma, Insitu (DC--IS), 5-Ductal carcinoma, Invasive (DC--Invasive), 6-Lobular carcinoma, Insitu (LC--IS), or 7-Lobular carcinoma, Invasive (LC--Invasive).
Domicile constructing phlaeothripine Thysanoptera from Acacia phyllodes in Australia: Dunatothrips Moulton and Sartrithrips gen.