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a photograph taken with the help of a microscope

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SEM photomicrographs were analyzed using image analysis software (Northern Eclipse, Empix Imaging).
Sifting through these 1,700 images to choose the greatest is no easy task, as many of these photomicrographs could easily have placed.
Figure 8 shows scanning electron microscope photomicrographs of the worn cutting edge for the 5 and 10 [micro]m film thicknesses.
In a developmental study of Pseudotsuga menziesii leaves, Owens (1968) showed photomicrographs of cross sections in which the endodermis was conspicuous but no c.
By results of mathematical photomicrograph processing, the content of micro voids in the structure of the stabilizer is 33.
A: Photomicrograph showing atypical spindle cells with marked pleomorphism, and frequent mitotic figures (H&E, x40); B: Immunohistochemical stain showing negative staining for AFP (x60); C: Immunohistochemical stain showing negative staining for cam 5.
Figure 5 shows the SEM photomicrograph of the etched PPEBM-20 filament surface extruded at a die wall shear rate of 1176 [s.
Specific grading parameters are described for each abnormality and are illustrated by a photomicrograph taken at X1000 magnification, unless otherwise indicated, from a peripheral blood smear stained with Wright or Wright Giemsa.
Other top images from 2009 that will be exhibited at the Science Factory include Gerd Guenther's picture of a spiny sowthistle's stem; Pedro Barrios-Perez's image of a wrinkled photoresist; James Hayden's colorful, spiraling image of an anglerfish ovary; and Bruno Vellutini's photomicrograph of the oral surface of a young seastar.
The following parameters were determined for each photomicrograph (n=10 per slide/ewe): tissue area, shrinkage area (the effect of fixation that was subtracted from the tissue area), cross-sectional capillary area density (CAD, total capillary area as a proportion of tissue area), capillary number density (CND, total number of capillaries per unit of tissue area), and capillary surface density (CSD, total capillary circumference per unit of tissue area).
Figure 5b shows a photomicrograph of the shattered zone for specimen 2.
The game gives players a series of five 2008 Nikon Small World finalist images and asks them to correctly identify each photomicrograph.
The processes that I used were annealing (heat treatment in oven), Shear test (Compression), and photomicrograph (photographing metal grains).
A photomicrograph of the sheet reveals that in drying, the resin fibers are fused, leaving an irregular coating on the glass fibers (which flows and becomes more uniform during press consolidation).