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Synonyms for photogravure

printing from an intaglio plate prepared by photographic methods

an intaglio print produced by gravure

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using photography to produce a plate for printing


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where they had been experimenting with the photogravure method since 1882.
De cette empreinte paysagere emergent des formes coniques, structures de branches tressees qui envahissent l'espace et dialoguent avec les photogravures et les projections videographiques.
Some fifteen hundred photogravures were selected for binding in the twenty-volume set, supplemented by seven hundred unbound portfolio plates.
Contract notice: Framework agreement on photogravure prints of works published by the national library of france.
Nocturnes presents something of a visual call-and-response: poems precede sets of photogravures that are grouped around a theme, image, or specific line in the title poem.
These reproductions have been mistakenly identified as photogravures but
Gleason to combine photogravures with journal entries (Through the Year with Thoreau, 1917); and later following up with the popular The Heart of Thoreau's Journals, expertly edited and indexed by Odell Shepard in 1927.
The book includes reproductions of the photogravures she made with Marcel Moore and charming emblems that divide each utterance: heart, star, record, lips.
These photogravures conjure fragmentary worlds that lie between memories and reality.
Please write back; even photogravures I make in your image need language to become animate.
3) Here a thirty-six-leaf book of etchings, dry points, and photogravures illuminated the poetry of Wislawa Szymborska.
Leslie's new book, Journey to the Moon, which consists of eight hand-printed photogravures illustrating poet Cyrano de Bergerac's book of the same title, is available this month at Allyn Gallup Contemporary Art.
A second edition of this work appeared in 1897, but it suffers by comparison because the illustrations are inferior photogravures rather than lithographs.
Photographers and book publishers used photogravures to reproduce photographs in the 1890s to 1920s.
Torn between a choice of two apartments--one with a useful studio space, one with a cozy sitting room--Vandover chooses the latter, which he decorates lavishly with rugs, screens, Assyrian bas-reliefs, photogravures of Renaissance portraits, and a tiled stove with flamboyant ornaments (130).