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Synonyms for photograph

take a picture of


Synonyms for photograph

References in classic literature ?
We will be shown into the sitting-room to wait for the lady, but it is probable that when she comes she may find neither us nor the photograph.
Hide your face in the photographs, and leave everything to me.
The letters he could scarcely decipher for he had learned little or nothing of script, so he put them back in the box with the photograph and turned his attention to the book.
But the production of the photograph had a remarkable effect upon the manager.
So," he wound up, "I should be very glad, if we arrange this visit (which must be upon a business footing, mind), if you could see your way to helping my girl, bringing her out-- she's a little shy now,--making a woman of her, the kind of woman her mother would have liked her to be," he ended, jerking his head at the photograph.
He drew the photograph hesitatingly from his pocket, and looked at it by the moonlight.
Well," he continued, "I happened to catch sight of a man who exactly resembled the photograph which my friend the Provost-Marshal showed me, only a few minutes ago, and although I could not be sure of it, I fancied that he entered this building.
Please send by return mail his photograph and biographical data.
Do you happen to have a miniature or a photograph of your father?
But I had in my pocket a photograph of Barting, which had been inclosed in the letter from his widow.
I found some receipted bills, which failed to interest me; some letters, which it is needless to say I laid aside after only looking at the addresses; and, under all, a photograph, face downward, with writing on the back of it.
As Leonard was kicking off his boots he jarred the three-legged table, and a photograph frame, honourably poised upon it, slid sideways, fell off into the fireplace, and smashed.
With her little supple hands, her white, delicate fingers, that moved with a peculiar intensity today, she pulled at a corner of the photograph, but the photograph had caught somewhere, and she could not get it out.
She glanced aside to the rim of the looking-glass where his photograph was wedged, shuddered, and made a moue of distaste.
He extracted Claire's photograph from his suit-case and gazed solemnly upon it.