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branch of chemistry that deals with the chemical action of light

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Growth of human endothelial cells on photochemically grafted Gly-Arg-Gly-Asp (GRGD) chitosans.
Meanwhile LA-based American Cinematheque is hosting a three-day festival of Laurel and Hardy's work, photochemically and digitally restored from the original 35mm film.
2] is inexpensive, widely abundant, photochemically stable, nontoxic, and water insoluble under most environmental conditions [14, 15], Major advantage of Ti[O.
The total SOD activity was assayed photochemically based on the inhibition of NBT reduction in 50 ml of the supernatant.
Techniques mostly used to treat dye containing wastewater are coagulation/flocculation, biodegradation, membrane separation, oxidation, selective bioadsorbent, using biological mass, photochemically, electrochemically, ion exchange and adsorption method [3-5].
We now know that many of the materials that were industry favorites are toxic, have odors that no longer are acceptable, are photochemically reactive, and/or may cause cancer.
2011), low wet and dry ozone deposition, persistent subsidence over the region and photochemically aged air masses with high concentrations of [O.
You do that very carefully, and it forms polymeric peroxides that photochemically degrade and kick out small molecules like difluorophosgene.
In the 1970s, much effort was expended in trying to produce hydrogen photochemically, with the idea of using sunlight as a "free" source of energy.
The new material can be applied to a variety of substrates such as plastic, ceramic, or metal and cures thermally or photochemically.
In addition to materials such as tungsten, titanium, elgiloy, MP35N, nitinol, and polyimide film, Tech-Etch has now developed a process to photochemically etch polyester sheet up to 0.
OBs are photochemically degraded (Stoll, Ulrich, & Giger, 1998) and exhibit fluorescence patterns similar to some naturally occurring organic compounds.
However, silver is thermally and photochemically reactive, and rapidly discolors in the presence of heat and light.
11]C-FMZ (central benzodiazepine receptor) for neuronal integrity in a photochemically induced thrombosis (PIT) MCAO rat model [58].