phosphorous acid

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a clear or yellow monobasic acid (H3PO2)

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The overall objective of this study was to determine the efficacy and persistence of 2 systemic insecticides, imidacloprid and emamectin benzoate, with or without phosphorous acid amendment and delivered through trunk injection to control stem and leaf gall wasps on Chinese banyan.
Phosphorous acid acts as the phosphorous source in the solution, while phosphoric acid acts as a leveling and brightening agent.
One of the reasons for the ineffectiveness of potassium phosphite for elevating productivity is that products based on phosphorous acid are not considered to be good sources of phosphorus.
The sweeteners used to replace the real sugar may be high in phosphorous acid which can be damaging to the minerals in your teeth and bones.
Analysis from Frost & Sullivan, Advanced Mechanisms in Drug Delivery, finds hydrogels, phospholipids, microspheres, cyclodextrins and nanotechnology based formulations are emerging drug delivery mechanisms that will displace established technologies such as polymeric micelles, niosomes, phosphorous acids and starch-based structures.