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a common complex mineral consisting of calcium fluoride phosphate or calcium chloride phosphate

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The Trinidad de Guedes field, in Matanzas, offers the greatest prospects for the production of fertilizers, as it presents areas of clayey granular phosphorites with [P.
In this region there are two phosphorite horizons, an upper one at the contact of Hazira and Abbottabad formations and a lower one in the cherty dolomite of Abbottabad formation.
The speleogenesis, economic, cultural, and biological resources of these caves have been the object of study since the nineteenth century, motivated largely by their extensive reserves of phosphorite, a mineral probably derived from fossil guano, and mined for industrial and agricultural purposes (Cardona Bonet 1985; Wadsworth 1973).
Project Coordinator Anuj Baklival said in particular that his company is interested in development of iron, phosphorite and chrome mines, processing of iron ore.
Phosphorite deposits of the Central Kyzylkum are the main sources of raw materials for phosphate fertilizer's plants of Uzbekistan.
In the modern world, sulfur bacteria inhabit upwelling vent and seep areas known as "Black Smokers" and mediate phosphorite formation.
They found that these phosphorite deposits occurred as a result of the following steps; erosion of calcitized deposits, redeposition in a phosphatizing environment, phosphatization of this detritus material and weathering causing an enrichment of the ores [2].
Some small deposits of lead, zinc, copper, gold, quartz sand and phosphorite have been mined in the past, while iron, bauxite and nickel reserves have been discovered.
The Glauconite, constituting upto 15 (Percent) of laterite facies in Kalra Wahan and Arara-17 localities was formed in shallow marine sediments (sandstones, clays, carbonate rocks, and phosphorite layers) of mainly near- shore zones of sea.
The extensive database for the Barrow Creek 1 Phospate Deposit (within the Ammaroo phosphate project - Rum 100%) is being evaluated to accurately define areas of shallow, easily extractable, high grade phosphorite requiring only minimum beneficiation to produce direct shipping product.
Belarus also has deposits of clay, sand, chalk, dolomite, phosphorite, and rock and potassium salt.
In the klint escarpment radioactive graptolite argillite (Dictyonema shale) and obolus phosphorite crop out.
Whilst more work and modelling (both geological & financial) is required; the REE results to date, associated with the Korella phosphorite, are considered to be significant and may have an impact on the future value of the deposit.
Larsen (1942c) proposed that the variscite originally formed by the action of descending phosphatic groundwaters produced by surface weathering of phosphorite beds in the overlying Phosphoria Formation, acting on aluminous material.
Most of the radon gas comes from all kind of granite, black shale, metamorphite with abundant uranium, phosphorite and the soil which is derived from them, the fluvial facies, marine facies and delta facies sedimentary rock with abundant uranium, and the recent drift sheet and lake clay layer.