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emitting light without appreciable heat as by slow oxidation of phosphorous

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Surrounding the castles, and supplying much of the acid in the installation's title, was a garden full of Christina Treppo's phosphorescently colored fabric vines and flowers.
A black brute slinks across the rear of the boards, and he goes like a shadow of evil between the audience and a snaky river which shines phosphorescently on the rear drop.
The poem trails across the mined wall / a solitary snail, or phosphorescently / swims into vision like a fish" (90).
A naked female torso levitates phosphorescently in the sky, doubtless a phantasm, as it casts no shadow.
he relegation play-offs, other -wise known as the unofficial TTTWest Midlands Championships - or indeed Worst Midlands Championships - bursts phosphorescently into life this weekend with what is sure to be a white-hot Birmingham derby between Bees and Moseley.