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emitting light without appreciable heat as by slow oxidation of phosphorous

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Up the river a few yards she caught the phosphorescent gleam of water upon the prahu's paddles as they brought her to a sudden stop in obedience to Ninaka's command.
Below, the black tossing sea was churned into phosphorescent spray, as the steamer drove onwards into the night.
Instead, the warm ocean water, pouring inboard across the buried rail in a flood of pale phosphorescent fire, cushioned his fall.
His eyes were open, and he watched the ghostly, phosphorescent trails of the darting bonita.
Fully a dozen feet in length, with the unmistakable phosphorescent cat's eye gleaming like a drowning star, I knew it for what it was, a tiger shark.
I observed that one which I kept in the cabin was slightly phosphorescent in the dark.
The brasses of the wheel glittered too, with the dimly lit figure of the man detached, as if phosphorescent, against the black and spangled background of the horizon.
Otherwise I assure you that I missed my own particular kind very little indeed, though I often wished that YOU were there, old chap; particularly when I went for my lonesome swim; first thing in the morning, when the Bay was all rose-leaves, and last thing at night, when your body caught phosphorescent fire
The man's hot breath fell upon her cheek, his eyes seemed almost phosphorescent in the darkness.
At another, the one beloved face which I shall never see again, rose at my bedside, hideously phosphorescent in the black darkness, and glared and grinned at me.
A vivid flash of lightning made the two round sternports facing him glimmer like a pair of cruel and phosphorescent eyes.
Supply of labels, flexo or offset printed, full color, with integrated security features, including phosphorescent ink safety and traceability, including numbering, in rolls or sheets
Radioactivity was first discovered in 1896 by the French physicist Henri Becquerel, while working on phosphorescent materials.
a leader in the development and manufacture of printed electronics technologies, announced today they have entered into a strategic alliance to accelerate the development and commercialization of solution-based OLED material systems incorporating Plextronics' hole injection and hole transport materials with Universal Display's phosphorescent OLED emissive layer materials.
Children will love to fall asleep next to the reassuring glow of these phosphorescent wall stickers.