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any of various compounds composed of fatty acids and phosphoric acid and a nitrogenous base

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With 25 years of specializing in natural phospholipid research, development and production, Lipogen guarantees its customers ingredient systems that are supported by the highest level of scientific data, technical quality and safety to meet the growing demand for natural cognitive health solutions.
Acasti's lead prescription drug candidate is CaPre, a purified high omega-3 phospholipid concentrate derived from Neptune krill oil being developed to address the prevention and treatment of cardiometabolic disorders, including hypertriglyceridemia, which is characterized by abnormally high levels of triglycerides.
Blood samples obtained during 1992-1993 were analyzed for plasma phospholipid EPA, DHA, and docosapentaenoic acid (DPA).
Recent human clinical studies have shown that phospholipid omega-3s may be a more desirable form.
The `348 patent covers the composition of novel omega-3 phospholipids for human consumption, synthetic and/or natural, extracted from marine and aquatic biomasses, regardless of the extraction process.
By the end, we completely got rid of the natural phospholipids," says Zheng.
Phospholipid classes were identified by comparison to a mix of polar standards containing PC (L-[alpha]-phosphatidylcholine, Type XVI-E ~99%, Sigma), PE (L-[alpha]-phosphatidylethanolamine, Type III: from egg yolk ~98%, Sigma), sphingomyelin, and PS.
In the presence of human apo AI, however, modest overproduction of human PLTP has been shown to increase HDL-C and pre-[beta] HDL values, possibly by providing phospholipid as a lecithin-cholesteryl acyltransferase substrate and promoting HDL maturation.
The STA Staclot dRVV Screen utilizes a reagent with a low phospholipid concentration which enhances its sensitivity, resulting in a prolongation of the clotting time.
Phospholipid classes were separated by two-dimensional TLC with solvent mixtures of chloroform: methanol: deionized bidistilled water (75:25:2.
The common phosphonate product ion (m/z 184) was monitored from precursor ions at m/z 496, 524, 704, 758, 786 and 804 as a general indication of phospholipid elution profiles.
Flavor development in meat and meat products are reported to be associated with phospholipid composition, the extent of lipolysis and oxidation of lipids and free fatty acids during processing (Chizzolini et al.
Phospholipid profile of this important species has not been reported so far.
Aware of consumer demand for hair color, Croda is boosting its hair care ingredients portfolio with the launch of Arlasilk Phospholipid PLN and Liquihue EZ.
With this aim, we study the dynamics of two phospholipid monolayers brought into contact by oblique drop impact on a liquid surface and bilayer formation.