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a colorless poisonous gas that smells like new-mown hay

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Having produced produced phosgene and phosgene derivatives since 1951, VanDeMark offers a range of more than 30 chemical compounds used in the production of paints and coatings, pharmaceuticals, plastics and polymers, adhesives and sealants, agricultural products, and other end markets.
63 Affects vascular and monoxide nervous systems Tin compounds Sn 2 Toxic phosgene CO[Cl.
On three separate occasions, he was told to use a mixture of phosgene and two other chlorine-based agents against civilian targets in Sheikh Masqeen, Herak, and Busra, all rebel-held districts, he confirmed.
Egypt used phosgene and mustard gas in the mid-1960s during its intervention in Yemen's civil war.
Soon more deadly gases--colorless and odorless phosgene and mustard gas--became available to clear openings in the front lines as it crept into the trenches and underground bunkers where it lingered.
According to the report, the chemical al-Sakat was ordered to use, he said, was not sarin, which was used in the now-infamous August 21 attack outside Damascus, but phosgene, a chemical first used in WWI that causes severe respiratory problems.
Sakat's most compelling information was his account of being ordered to use the toxic chemical phosgene in the Der area of southern Syria last year.
It detects all the chemical agents the military requires--nerve, blood and blister--and toxic industrial chemicals such as ammonia, boron trichloride, phosgene, nitric acid, sulfur dioxide and hydrogen cyanide.
This action alone probably produced a good quantity of phosgene, a WWI poison gas.
Yperite, phosgene, Chloropicrine ou aussi [beaucoup moins que]Arrahj[beaucoup plus grand que] (poison artisanal) comme cela fut baptise localement .
The victims were feared to be suffering from the effects of phosgene, a highly poisonous gas that may have been given off in the blaze.
Mitsui Chemicals will provide all its manufacturing technology for TDI using toluene as a starting material and for intermediates DNT, TDA, and phosgene, as well as its manufacturing technology for MDI using benzene as a starting material, and intermediates nitrobenzene, aniline, MDA, and phosgene.
Reeling from the toxic effects of phosgene, which was used as a choking agent, Wilfred hunkered down in his trench as it was overrun by German troops.
The briefing noted that Germany's highly developed chemical industry had already created large stocks of mustard and phosgene gas, which were said to be on the move.
The new plant will make PC using a phosgene and dichloromethane-free process: before SABIC bought it GE Plastics had plans to make Lexan in China using a phosgene-free process, but in cooperation with PetroChina.