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a card that is used instead of cash to make telephone calls

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The STi FREE phone card provides unlimited or free calling to over ninety countries and cities worldwide (combined) via the card's local area access phone number.
At first, phone card collecting can be discouraging.
UK supermarket chain Safeway has chosen phone card provider IDT Europe to supply free phone cards to visitors to its stores.
We realize that we have to do a good job of emphasizing the other advantages of using a prepaid phone card," says a spokesperson for a phone card supplier.
MARTINI: "The long-term potential for the prepaid phone card category is good.
THE charity Scope, for people with cerebral palsy, is saying a big thank-you to its supporters in three Warwickshire towns by giving them phone cards.
It couldn't be simpler to get your free pounds 5 phone card.
Atcall recently launched a phone card with the new and much-hyped Gillette Mach 3 Razor.
Retailers and consumers want to do business with phone card companies they can trust and that operate their own networks and provide accessible customer service.
You simply dial a Freephone exchange number to access the Swiftcall network, and dial the account number on your phone card.
Since prepaid phone cards are still a new item to many people, merchandising them at the checkout counter can be effective in capturing those impulse buyers who are curious about what a prepaid phone card is and how it works.
The best rate for calls to Mexico was 29 cents a minute from one version of F/X Phone Card while the worst rate was $6.
The phone card business is quickly moving into the 21st century.
Swiftcall is offering Mirror readers a FREE phone card worth pounds 5 pounds.
The biggest advantage is flat-rate calling," says Laurette Veres, president of Intele-Card News, which publishes information about the prepaid phone card market and sponsors a yearly industry trade show.