phobic disorder

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an anxiety disorder characterized by extreme and irrational fear of simple things or social situations

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Existing literature on this rare phobic disorder is limited to a handful of case reports/series and review articles.
Despite some people underestimating the severity of people's sudden reactions when stricken by fear, phobic disorders are considered a form of psychiatric illnesses.
Phobic disorders are conceived as amongst the most common of the anxiety disorders.
Also presented are case studies of clients with panic disorder, phobic disorder, and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).
To complicate matters even further, individuals with a specific disorder, such as generalized anxiety disorder, will often develop another disorder that falls under the same category, such as a phobic disorder.
Second, intrapsychic personality dynamics are a central part of every phobic disorder and are not specific or relevant to just certain patients.
They afflict 5%-10% of the population, and at one time or another, as many as 25 percent of the population suffer from a phobic disorder, some researchers say.
Patterns of distorted cognitions in phobic disorders.
In this study as reported in earlier studies, significantly high mean symptom of phobic disorders such as agora phobia was found among LD children6.
Regarding treatment, learning theorists proved themselves very effective in the conceptualization and treatment for Phobic disorders so the same principles would be applied to OCD.