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suffering from irrational fears

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Using the samples, the researchers analysed telomere lengths, as well as the participants' concurrent self-reports regarding phobic symptoms on a validated questionnaire.
The primordial precursors of phobic life evolved around vents of the deep ocean that seeped hydrocarbons--methane gas being the best recognized form--enriched with sulfur and iron compounds.
The technique works by allowing the traumatised individual with a phobic response or a post-traumatic stress disorder to process the memory template causing the problem.
Thus the fear when a spider phobic comes across a house spider in the UK is way out of proportion to what it should be - and every spider phobic knows the illogicality of being terrified by such a harmless creature.
Treating phobic responses is therapeutically challenging since they often require a creative spin for different individuals.
Gillian Pullman-Hill of Creative Support Ltd, said: "I really was computer phobic until I took this course.
While this is odd enough, since she has never had a fear of the water, she also begins to have nightmares and odd memories about drowning and an increasingly un-explainable phobic reaction to the water.
DENVER -- Phobic anxiety was significantly associated with both ventricular arrhythmia and mortality in coronary artery disease patients during a median 3-year follow-up, Lana Watkins, Ph.
Her Seattle based businesses "Made in Heaven Wedding Design" is not making much money and her relationship with her commitment phobic significant other Aaron Gold is strained.
Blend fine historical insights with a fun survey of present-day phobic reactions to the number 13 from the stock market to missing skyscraper floors, and you have Nathaniel Lachenmeyer's 13: The Story Of The World's Most Popular Superstition, a lively survey of the quirky foundations of the number 13, which considers 13 unlucky 13s from 13 perspectives in 13 chapters.
LONDON Mayor Ken Livingstone was accused of providing a ``red carpet welcome'' for homo phobic preachers as the row over gay pubs' rainbow flags spiral led last night.
Treatment of endogenous anxiety with phobic, hysterical, and hypochondriacal symptoms.
After terrorist attacks, productivity is often affected -- there is absenteeism, people develop phobic avoidance of high buildings, people become more suggestible, they start grouping together.
He astutely links the large number of black men who shun genuine intimacy with their emotionally distant and commitment phobic nature, to their upbringing as boys trained to be masculine, controlling, and powerful.