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any of various plants of the genus Phlomis

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Sage, tall with pink slipper-like blooms; phlomis with its whorls of yellow blooms and gray leaves; astors; butterfly weed; a climbing "Red Cascade" rose bush; tall pink-topped agastache; baptisia with its blue-gray foliage; balloon flower, which gets its name because it looks like a balloon just before blooming.
Some have picturesque names, like broad-lipped purple side-saddle flower, cobweb houseleek, lion's tail phlomis, livid hellebore, melancholy toadflax, parrot-beaked heliconia, and warty St.
AThe photograph you sent me is of Phlomis russeliana, a native of Syria, and a close relative of Jerusalem sage (Phlomis fruticosa).
Phlomis russeliana, an excellent border plant with whorls of hooded yellow flowers and felted heart-shaped leaves looks almost as good in seed as in flower.
Others are Ballota kaiseri, Galium sinaicum (also in southwestern Jordan), Hyoscyamus boveanus, Nepeta septemcrenata, Phlomis aurea, Polygala sinaica, Silene leucophylla, S.
Thick, strappy phormiums survive a belting and plants with hairy leaves that protect them from salt, such as nepetas, salvias, artemesias, phlomis and sage provided plenty of different texture and shape.
This clinical research study was designed to evaluate the efficacy of a new herbal product, EstroG-100, containing a mixture of standardized extracts of Cynanchum wilfordii, Phlomis umbrosa and Angelica gigas, on menopausal symptoms.
In fact, making a gravel garden is pretty easy if you choose Mediterranean-style plants including lavender, euphorbias, cistus, santolina and phlomis, which provide plenty of nectar and pollen for visiting insects.
Use it to contrast with ornamental grasses and late-flowering perennials - especially those with interesting seed heads like Phlomis, or grow it in a pot on a sunny patio.
Drought-tolerant perennials Zones 7-9, 14-17: Plant cistus, grevillea, kniphofia, phlomis, and salvias now.
The grey-felted leaves of phlomis are always welcome, particularly in the case of phlomis italica, left.
At the event the Duchess was presented with a Phlomis plant grown at Morpeth centre since 1985, to take back to her own garden.
I'd chose Cistus albidus, Phlomis with strange whorls of pink or yellow flowers would revel in the conditions, but I won't go mad with them, as they give me terrible hay fever.
In the longer term, consider planting drought-resistant species in your borders such as grasses, Mediterranean-type shrubs such as thymes or phlomis, or sedums and other plants with spiky or succulent leaves.