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They seem frigid and phlegmatic to those who have been spiced with the frantic passion and violent coloring of inferior but popular writers.
I burst out, and my indignation was not only against them for their cruelty, but also against their victim for his phlegmatic attitude toward them.
As I am a sinner," exclaimed Asa, usually one of the most phlegmatic of the youths, "the girl is blown away by the wind
Sam, having been formally delivered into the warder's custody, to the intense astonishment of Roker, and to the evident emotion of even the phlegmatic Neddy, passed at once into the prison, walked straight to his master's room, and knocked at the door.
Paul Gascoigne recalls his dad's phlegmatic response as he suffered a bout of cocaine-induced paranoia late at night Forget the tight pants and the the trousers.
Van Gaal's opposite United | defended number Gus Poyet was phlegmatic on the matter,, although he admitted the decision had a big bearing on the game's outcome.
Neath coach Patrick Horgan was in phlegmatic mood adding: "Yes, we did enough to win but Ponty are not champions for nothing and kept their composure to snatch the spoils way from us.
Rooney, who has now scored five times in his last four England games to bring Bobby Charlton's mark firmly within sight, was typically phlegmatic about getting ever closer to the great man's total.
IN reference to David Cameron's appearance in Leeds, the Conservative leader must have to be somewhat phlegmatic to not be riled by its overshadowing by an errant jogger.
Those who know her say she is cultivated, intelligent and phlegmatic," said Mustefa Ebdi, a Kurdish activist from Kobani.
the crowd erupts), phlegmatic, ungainly blond Larry Bird--who could believe that this is the living legend, eclipsing everything that came before, the one and only.
The phlegmatic 46-year-old, in his fourth year at the club, has faced constant media speculation over his future in the last few weeks and said during the Christmas break that he would be leaving the club at the end of the season.
It''s a scenario that''s unlikely to faze the Scots or their phlegmatic coach, former Widnes Vikings boss, Steve McCormack.
Four personality types are linked with people's teeth: sanguine or dynamic (triangular-shaped), choleric or strong (rectangular-shaped), melancholic or sensitive (oval-shaped) and phlegmatic or peaceful (square-shaped).
Tulsa Ballet's mixed bill in March was bittersweet for local dance fans, as principal dancer Ma Cong danced his last two ballets--the Phlegmatic lead in Balanchine's The Four Temperaments and in the ensemble of Kudelka's there, below.