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surgical incision into a vein

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The standard safety measures apply to the phlebotomized blood, of course--and the change in this provision reflects the fact that blood from patients with HH is not harmful to recipients in any way.
The Right Response to Terrorism * Phlebotomized Uranium Celebrity Chicken Soup * Tween Chic * Stalling at 70 mph
1] In their study, ICU patients were phlebotomized an average of 3.
One healthy control was phlebotomized four times over 9 months; the SAM concentration ranged from 83 to 100 nmol/L and SAH from 10 to 22 nmol/L without any trend.
All HH subjects with lower blood cadmium than the corresponding controls had either no mutation in the HFE gene, were not phlebotomized, or were phlebotomized for only a limited time.
8) phlebotomized men over age 50 to reduce their body iron stores and demonstrated significantly decreased susceptibility of LDL to ex vivo oxidation.