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someone who practices phlebotomy

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Real-time monitoring equips managers with the information to confirm whether phlebotomists or other specimen collection staff are meeting those scheduled times.
Phlebotomists perform various intravenous procedures to deliver medication or draw blood from patients.
In response to this, a period of direct observation and phlebotomist retraining was instituted in November through December 2013, emphasizing correction of the deviations from institutional protocol noted above.
A new medical device has been developed that will provide phlebotomists and clinicians with a technology to enable blood drawing accuracy at first stick.
When a phlebotomist has completed his or her scheduled assignment for a round, he or she informs a team leader, who records the completion time for that assignment.
John Gray, 42, solicitor, Whitley Bay; William Kelly, 65, retired, Scotswood; Robin Armstrong, 18, recruitment consultant, Gateshead; Elaine McIntyre, 41, phlebotomist, Wardley; Paul O'Neill, 32, butcher, Grainger Park; Rhodelyn Cortez, 17, apprentice painter and decorator, Longbenton TO BUY A PICTURE, LOG ON TO www.
It was amazing, people were queuing out of the gate," said phlebotomist Sue Lee.
PHLEBOTOMISTS ARE SPECIALIZED CLINICAL SUPPORT workers who draw blood from patients or blood donors for medical testing.
One morning, a phlebotomist (from a consultant lab company) walked into the man's room and found him struggling to sit on the edge of his bed.
Strawn's workup implies the services of a phlebotomist.
Although gay readers of any HIV status may find Hayes and his lover's personal peril all too familiar--the three-month cycles between blood panels, the adjustment to new (hugs or treatments, the elation of an "undetectable" viral load--chances are they've never toured a blood bank or attended the sentencing hearing of a phlebotomist convicted of reusing needles or considered the possible origins of vampire legends in the pale, ravaged faces of porphyria, a variant of the hereditary disorder that sent King George III raving every few years.
Patient A was a 41-year-old female phlebotomist working in North District Hospital, New Territories East Cluster, Hong Kong.
Representatives from Good Neighbor Care, Oregon Medical Labs, PeaceHealth and Pioneer Pacific College, will give information on a range of careers, including CNA, receptionist, phlebotomist and specimen processor.
Royce Davis is studying to be a phlebotomist when he's not at the station or out on calls.
That was just one of the issues with which the courts were confronted in this compelling New Hampshire case in which a phlebotomist, who was employed by a laboratory which was under contract to a hospital, was injured by a patient, who had a history of being combative and exhibiting unruly behavior toward hospital staff on numerous occasions.