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inflammation of a vein (usually in the legs)

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A recent study of the incidence and attenuating factors for phlebitis in peripheral intravascular access reported a rate of 31.
As the most common injecting-related problems (6), we included admissions with a primary (or first-listed) cause of cutaneous abscess (International Classification of Diseases, Tenth Revision, code L02 *), cellulitis (L03 *), and phlebitis or thrombophlebitis (I80 *).
Specifically, Timmer and Schipper (12) noted that the osmolality rate tended to correlate with phlebitis rate, which was defined as rate = mOsm/L (osmolality of solution) x L/h (infusion rate).
Observation Index: (1) Effects of catheterization: this indicator mainly included achievement of expected goals, comfort levels, pain score, and rate of puncture failure; (2) Success rate of catheterization: this indicator mainly included success rate of puncture (puncture at one time as success, repeated puncture as failure) and success rate of catheterization (puncture at one time as success, repeated puncture as failure); (3) Incidence rates of complications: this indicator mainly included incidences rates of puncture site bleeding, phlebitis, and thrombus 2 months after puncture.
In a commentary on this issue, Gillies and O-Riordan (2012) concluded phlebitis occurrence was similar between patients who had peripheral IV sites changed routinely versus upon clinical indication.
Post-op discomfort from phlebitis, inflammation of the vein's walls, can be helped by non-steroidal anti-inflammatory tablets and cream.
This poses a potential health hazard that puts you at risk of developing painful and often debilitating conditions such as chronic oedema, phlebitis, venous leg ulcers or worse: a blood clot blocking a pulmonary artery in the lungs that could be fatal.
1) In lepromatous leprosy (LL), PSSHE can occur due the disease process causing phlebitis (2,3) and the subsequent post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, or it may be induced by drugs such as rifampicin.
Histologically, the pancreas demonstrates the characteristic changes seen in IgG4-related disease: a dense, lymphoplasmacytic infiltrate; storiform-type fibrosis; and obliterative phlebitis (Figures 1 and 2).
Minor side effects like phlebitis, injection site pain and soreness was observed in 3 to 10% cases.
An evidence of phlebitis was evident two days after admission in the area where the intravenous line was placed.
QI HAVE been diagnosed with phlebitis in my leg - what causes it?
Be careful: advancing age brings phlebitis and other circulatory problems, and wrapping things snugly around limbs above joints may not be as good a plan as in your younger days.
3] Chemical phlebitis is commonly seen following its administration via peripheral cannulae.