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an abnormal tightness of the foreskin preventing retraction over the glans

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However, secondary phimosis due to excessive burning of the skin may occur when the device is used at high temperatures by inexperienced persons.
They were counseled that this intervention might resolve his phimosis but that a local circumcision (dorsal slit) might be necessary; this procedure was completed after a 12week trial of conservative therapy failed to resolve issues related to his narrowed distal foreskin.
These conditions include phimosis, paraphimosis, balanitis and balanoposthitis, preputial ballooning, and preputial adhesions.
A small ulcer on his foreskin was also noted, while the phimosis was still present.
The probe should be inserted into the distal part and obtain urine; vii) Verify the location of the catheter in the bladder--by the presence of urine--and inflate the balloon with 5 or 7 cc of distilled or sterile water, perform the traction for the probe softly anchor in the bladder neck and remove the sterile area with care not contaminating the distal portion of the probe; x) Hold the probe in the closed drainage system; xi) Remove the excess of antiseptic and put the foreskin to its original position to prevent phimosis that can occur when left retracted; xii) Hold the probe in the lower abdomen to prevent urethra injuries exerted by traction; xiii) Clean and dry the patient, cover and let comfortable.
3 kg nine-month-old boy who was admitted by his parents for an impalpable right testis and phimosis.
Biricik, "Urethral dilatation, ectopic testis, hypoplasia penis, and phimosis in a kilis goat kid," Kafkas Universitesi Veteriner Fakultesi Dergisi, vol.
Penile cancer is a rare condition and its incidence was linked to lack of circumcision and hygiene, phimosis, HPV infection, and tobacco use [144-147].
Congenital megaprepuce (CMP) is considered as a congenital penile malformation, which includes phimosis and severe ballooning of the redundant inner prepuce, conferring the typical aspect of concealed penis, in which the whole attachment is hidden within subcutaneous tissue.
Results: Phimosis is one of the commonest predisposing factors.
Neonates with other extra renal anomalies detected on antenatal or postnatal evaluation and those with phimosis and meatal stenosis were excluded.
If it eventually becomes apparent that phimosis is pathologic in nature rather than physiologic, circumcision exists as an option.
6 Phimosis, an abnormally tight foreskin, possibly due to past inflammation.
Of the remaining 58 volunteers in the first group, 3 were subsequently excluded based on late discovery of phimosis or HIV-positive status, leaving 55 men in the first group (67.