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a drink credited with magical power

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de Troisville possede un antidote contre la magicienne, invulnerable qu'il est a tous les philtres d'amour, parce que deja marie' (Nicole Mozet, La Ville de province dons l'oeuvre de Balzac.
From love philtres to spells cast via the spiritual convex of the moon, Love Magic provides simple-to-follow exercises and fascinating compatibility charts to bring a new harmony and strength to your search for compatible friends or lovers.
In these dens coining was practised, while quack nostrums, love philtres and poisons -- wittily dubbed `Succession Powders' -- were manufactured.
We should add that in traditional Africa, as in colonial Brazil, remedies and philtres for impotence abound, some more arbitrary and bizarre than others.
mistress of the silent hour when mystic rites are wrought," [67] to the "dire philtres of the barbarian Medea" and her revenge with the gift of a robe steeped in poison gore, [68] Circe magically transforming men into "shapeless and witless vassals of a harlot mistress," [69] the witch Sagana "who bristles with streaming hair" and Folio "the wanton hag.
En effet, c'est dans le domaine amoureux que se deploient le mieux les arts divinatoires, talismaniques, et la chimie des philtres.
Lorsque, la tete sur ses genoux et dans ses egarements qu'il se re-prochait, il lui avait demande des philtres, elle s'etait coupe avec les dents quelque veine, pour lui en donner un qu'il connaissait, et dont la mysterieuse influence faisait tout oublier--excepte elle--a celui qui en avait bu.
Hazlitt accused the Waverley Novels of necromantically administering "charms and philtres to our love of legitimacy.