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a drink credited with magical power

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On the night of the Patna's collision, Jim is "penetrated by the great certitude of unbounded safety and peace that could be read in the silent aspect of nature," and in the "serenity" of the night, his "soul" becomes "drunk with the divine philter of an unbounded confidence in itself" (Lord 17, 20, emphasis added).
En ese pasaje de la Rapsodia IV utiliza, en vez de drug, el termino philter, aunque mas adelante escribe: "Drugs of such virtue did she keep in store" ("Drogas de tal virtud guardaba ella").
This [unkeyable], this "medicine," this philter, both remedy and poison at the same time [a la fois], already introduces itself, with all its ambivalence, into the body of the discourse.
But, as Denis de Rougemont notes, the mistakenly drunk philter may be but a pre-text for the moral acceptability of a passion which the lovers, even without the potion, strive for.
In combination with the fatalistic nature of their passion, induced without their knowledge by the philter, the lovers' repeated escapes from condemnation dilute the danger that Marc will discover their liaison.
Black superstition was the subject of lucrative exploitation of charms and philters, and cheap pseudo-religious votive ornaments and accessories alike, but it was in the systematic organization of the Numbers Racket that the most relentless and deliberate exploitation took place.