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19-20), "when one is looking at the Madhyamaka arguments, it is often quite hard to attribute anything like a defensible philosophical theory to the proponents of svabhava at all, since these often appear to be set up conveniently as straw men.
Its combination of historical perspective and philosophical theory, and its examination of the international system and of various policy options, makes it a deeply informed contribution to a very important contemporary debate.
Nevertheless, by applying philosophical theory to clinical practice, DeGrazia is able to employ his philosophical conclusions about the identity problem as solutions to real-world dilemmas.
From a non-elementalistic perspective, however, Sensible Thinking embodies a general semantics approach to life, showing that this is not just an academic discipline or a philosophical theory, but way to apply "sensible thinking" to everyday situations.
The conversation aims not only to discover thoughtful answers to such questions, but to do so while being respectful of both philosophical theory and ordinary moral intuitions.
It is time to test her philosophical theory that the good or bad of a situation is only determined by one's own approach to it.
Indeed, the craving for absolute correctness in one's ethical views is not the craving for absoluteness of a philosophical theory.
Franciscan Filippo Gesualdo's Plutosofia (Padua, 1592) stresses the new orientation of memory as subject of a new philosophical theory of knowledge and, as a consequence, its role in the process of intellectual and spiritual man's ascent to the Supreme Truth: the loss of an absolute memory after the original sin can be in fact replaced by the mnemonic practice of meditatio, which turns each sensorial event into an intelligible event and goes therefore from multiplicity to oneness.
Mill was in part trying to address a problem in the philosophical theory of hedonism, its alleged inability to assign appropriate value to low-intensity but high-quality experiences.
This was her answer as to how the best philosophical theory understands everyday personal experience, including emotional experience, that philosophers, when doing philosophy, should aim to understand this experience and to present this understanding using precise, well-defined terms.
Reconnecting music to mousike also serves a methodological function: it prevents philosophical theory from becoming a closed system.
But it is a misconstrual of the linguistic interpretation to say that a "particular philosophical theory about language" binds to cyclic existence those who hold to it.
Nevertheless, compared to the vague generalities of Aflaq's ideas on the origin of the Ba'th, Arsuzi's philosophical theory is more specific and methodical.
more detailed and substantive than the schematic considerations of philosophical theory.
In Freud's terms, the flip side of the traditionally valorized, traditionally male preoccupation of philosophical theory is the feminized, narcissistic, hysteric's province of paranoia.