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Or: Are Philosophers' Colors all White," Befit Brogaard claims that since the desired objectivism of a philosophical theory ignores ethnic and gender differences, it implicitly attributes deficiencies to nonwhite people.
In addition, an artful and honest use of narratives enhances the philosophical theory and argument of the book: a fictional work on immortality by Jorge Luis Borges sets up the chapter on that topic and a number of personal stories illustrate May's points.
Throughout the work it is clear that Westerhoff is convinced of what he states explicitly in the concluding chapter, namely, that all these various topics "are not just isolated philosophical statements but fit together as a unified philosophical theory which is Nagarjuna's Madhyamaka" (p.
At the level of philosophical theory, the volume usefully explores still deeper questions regarding consequentialism versus deontological rights-based thinking and the application of each approach to practical issues.
This is why a philosophical theory should take ordinary intuitions into account.
Equal weight is given to both the use of philosophical theory and the analysis of the sf film.
Indeed, much of Bagaric's other published work is devoted to attempting to defend this philosophical theory as the only one capable of giving an "objective" basis to ethics and, for that matter, to the law.
At first glance, I imagined this was going to be a text with a little too much philosophical theory for my liking, but I found myself fascinated and ended up reading the entire book at a single sitting.
The Chapman brothers also weave a vast range of associations into their work, using material from all areas of the cultural landscape, including popular and consumer culture, philosophical theory, art history and psychoanalysis.
assess the philosophical theory used by a facility in situations concerning decision making.
castigates much modern theology for not distinguishing biblical commonsense, philosophical theory, and the realm of interiority.
Nevertheless, by applying philosophical theory to clinical practice, DeGrazia is able to employ his philosophical conclusions about the identity problem as solutions to real-world dilemmas.
From a non-elementalistic perspective, however, Sensible Thinking embodies a general semantics approach to life, showing that this is not just an academic discipline or a philosophical theory, but way to apply "sensible thinking" to everyday situations.
It is time to test her philosophical theory that the good or bad of a situation is only determined by one's own approach to it.
Nonetheless, although the ideas in play are distinctively Greek by virtue of their origin in contemporary philosophical theory and although they owe their specific expression to a historical context, Balot does endeavor to illustrate their integral role in the social and political process (ix).