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In other words, to Kierkegaard, the individual religions must be accepted with their irrational dimension without the coercion of philosophical system to rationalize them, the very opposite to what Heiberg claims.
And it is possible that occasionally a philosopher produces a correct philosophical system.
In this section, we are trying to review each person's perspective against the philosophical system of their era, by comparing and criticizing their points.
The chapter therefore fails either to provide much background for contemporary treatments of action or to demonstrate the role that action theory can play in a larger philosophical system.
As for her contribution to the philosophical discipline goes, it consists in the philosophical system called Objectivism she developed.
Hansen (2012b) also suggests that it is irrelevant for us to describe his humanistic framework as burdened by contradiction, stating that "humanism, in the context of this discussion, is a counseling orientation, not a fully articulated philosophical system with an associated epistemology" (p.
His principles of selection were governed by the need to identify those scholars whose historical and philosophical works were instrumental in advancing historicism as a distinct philosophical system.
Section two uses the architectonic structure of Kantian philosophy as a heuristic device, explaining Deleuze's philosophical system in terms of aesthetics (theory of sensation), dialectics (theory of Idea), analytics (theory of the concept), ethics (theory of affectivity), and politics (socio-political theory) (xiii).
but his laborious explanations tend to shape precisely a philosophical system.
This tension between philosophical system and imagination in Kant set the stage for Fichte's and von Hardenberg's epochal change of heart regarding the imagination, explored in chapters four and five.
He adamantly emphasized that "there doesn't exist a philosophical system which can be considered complete and final.
One cannot adequately study a philosophical system apart from the intellectual context in which it is situated, insists Ariew (philosophy, U.
I remain somewhat skeptical, however, of Gooding-Williams's attempt to read The Souls of Black Folk as a coherent philosophical system.
Non-scientific philosophy, for Hegel, assumes premises that, tacitly or explicitly, fall outside the philosophical system itself, and therefore outside the workings of reason.
It is based on the philosophical system Sankhya, and describes a structure of a material world.
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