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a desire for wealth and material possessions with little interest in ethical or spiritual matters


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s Faustian appetite and the cultural philistinism of Manila's public officials, issues of beauty and cultural preservation have moved from the margins to the center of national attention.
Stating that he didn't want "the ity of culture to become the city of Philistinism," he urged the council to think again, adding: "Why on earth do we have a Labour Party if we don't fight for our people?
To name just a few-- Gothic romance, real worlds, imperfection, prodigality and philistinism, portraits and caricatures of the artist, tone and register, essaying, enchantment and disenchantment.
Usman Ulasyar Khan , the chairman of the Svastu Arts and Cultural Association (SACA) Swat, said, \" We have lost many golden traditions over the last few decades because of philistinism and extremism in the area to celebrate cultural events, so we tried our best to revive our traditions through this festival.
Early in March of last year, for instance, Black Tulip performed an inspiring action at Halfhouse, an artist's association that has become a true space of resistance against politicians' philistinism.
On the side of beauty and taste, vulgarity; on the side of morals and feelings, coarseness; on the side of mind and spirit, unintelligence--this is Philistinism.
For the same reason we cherish so many other tragic narratives in the life of art and artists: The phoenix rising from philistinism gives us hope that as artists our failures will be vindicated, and as audience members our tastes will be validated.
Having said that, I think it would be an act of Philistinism to rid our town of a superb art gallery.
Philistinism is, as it were, the obverse of Dickens's acknowledgement of the importance of illustrators to his writing.
Denis MacShane, the Labour MP, said: "The decision is a symbol of cultural philistinism.
I bring these up to make the seemingly superfluous point that it is philistinism to dismiss what one does not understand as groundless or mere superstition, including breathing exercises and numerotherapy.
Mind you, for someone who has detested Hollywood's philistinism for as long as I have--when was the last time a priest was not portrayed as a child molester, a cop as corrupt, and a soldier as a psychopathic murderer?
ALTHOUGH they do say that fools and their money are easily parted, it is incredulous to believe that anyone would be so idiotic as to procure evidence of cultural philistinism from the region, and worse than that, evidence of fragrant mismanagement of the finances of council taxpayers at the time.
Wolfe believes traditionalism is dead, desiccated by leftist ideology and rightist philistinism.