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Synonyms for philhellene

an admirer of Greece and everything Greek

characterized by a love of Greece and Grecian things

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My research in the State Library of Victoria has shown that the rhetoric created over centuries was sustained into the 19th century and provided a framework for Philhellene sentiment that manifested itself powerfully in artistic depictions of Mesologgi and its role in the Greek War of Independence.
David Urquhart, unusually a former Philhellene, Adolphus Slade, once a British naval officer, and Sir Marmaduke Pickthall, a member of Parliament and a Muslim convert, were among those who feared the Ottoman empire's break-up.
Clair observes, Greeks in the Ottoman Empire, in contrast to philhellenes and Western-educated Greeks, saw the struggle as primarily a religious one, that of a Christian minority versus Muslim domination.
David Crane's biography is commendable for its tart irony, crisp prose, and chilling accounts of the Greek War of Independence and the tragically quixotic Philhellene movement.
Yet the dotty adventurers ensured ironically that Britain finally was given a place in Philhellene history which it has never lost.
To characterize him (Downer) a philhellene because his partner is Greek, would be as naE[macron]ve as saying that he is Turkophile because a client of his invested in Turkey," Alithia said.
I think that what he is saying is enough to erect a statue of Klosson in Nicosia as a philhellene.
This compilation of comparative studies of literary representations quickly becomes a forceful critique of Euro-centrism, of the influx of Greeks, barbarians, Philhellenes, Hellenophones and Egyptiotes, who came into the area and corrupted the literature.
Leask goes on to explore the significance of Byron's ambivalent portrait of the court of "the Mahometan Buonaparte," Ali Pasha, precisely delineating the historical context whereby European Philhellenes sought to regenerate modern Greece by purging its oriental aspects, whilst other commentators, such as Thomas Thornton, wrote positively of Turkish culture and indeed the regime of the Ottoman Empire.
She neglects to point out the extent to which Strauss and his disciples have been philhellenes who emphasized the ancient Greek heritage, which was less important to the American founders than the heritage of Republican and Imperial Rome.
Clair, That Greece Might Still Be Free: The Philhellenes in the War of Independence (Oxford UP, 1972), 23-25.
Again, early in the following century the political activities of those Philhellenes who sought to free the modern Greeks from the Turkish yoke were well publicized in England and at the same time effected a fuller engendering of interest in the Greek past.
It's a special day for all Greeks, for philhellenes, for those who love Greece and for those who love freedom of information," anchor Nikos Aggelidis said at the start of the show.
The logic of the Philhellenes, in conjuring up the myth of Greece, suggested that 'Architecture owes all that is perfect to the Greeks' (Abbe Laugier) and argued that a return to primary sources--synonymous with a return to Nature--and the imitation of ancient works, was the only 'way for the moderns to become great, even inimitable' (Winckelmann).