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a procedure in which blood is drawn and separated into its components by dialysis

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The NHS Wales Shared Services Partnership, hosted by Velindre NHS Trust are acting on behalf of Cardiff and Vale ULHB who are seeking to establish a contract for the supply of Plasma Pheresis Consumables and free on loan Equipment used by the Nephrology and Transplant department to separate blood cells and plasma.
Optimization of peripheral blood stem cell collections using peripheral blood CD34 levels and routine high volume pheresis.
117) The court suggested that because Christian's doctor was currently prescribing a regimen of drugs and exercise to treat her condition, the pheresis was merely "optional," not a required treatment that would invoke the ADA's protections.
The United States District Court for the Northern District of Indiana granted summary judgment - a hearing based on the facts of a case without a trial - to the hospital ruling that Christian's condition was not a disability and that pheresis was a treatment option, not a requirement.
Plasma pheresis separates the plasma from other blood components and is retained while the other blood components are returned to the donor through the same needle.
Auto-immune therapies range from drugs such as steroids to more complicated treatments such as plasma pheresis, whereby aberrant proteins are separated from the blood of the patient, which is then returned to the circulatory system.
The pheresis procedure takes about two hours and costs approximately $1,000 per treatment.
Blood donors must be at least age 17 years old, weigh at least 100 pounds for whole blood donations and 110 pounds for pheresis donations and be in good general health.
Supportive care is provided by the Pediatric Dialysis Program at Texas Children's, which has expertise in performing acute and chronic hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis and pheresis for children of all ages and sizes from infant to adolescent.
Today, MIMA's monthly transfusion average is 150 leukoreduced RBCs, 15 platelet pheresis units, and two to four fresh-frozen plasmas.
The book also includes discussions of specialized blood products such as leukocyte-reduced blood products, cytomegalovirus-reduced risk blood products, granulocyte transfusions, platelets and platelet pheresis, immunoglobulins, and fibrin sealants.
Because platelets are in critical supply, the Red Cross is urgently seeking platelet pheresis donors and is expanding the hours of three donor centers to accommodate these special donations.
Participating in the World Transplant Games provides these young men and women an opportunity to truly demonstrate how much their lives have changed by receiving a life-saving transplant," said Helen Currier, director of Renal and Pheresis Services at Texas Children's Hospital.
We provide approximately 4,000 red blood cell units, 2,000 random and pheresis platelet units, and 1,700 fresh-frozen plasma units to our patients every year.
The "Lifetime Achievement Award in Nephrology Nursing" was awarded to Helen Currier, BSN, RN, CNN, CNEP, director of Renal and Pheresis Services at Texas Children's Hospital.