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a virility drug (trade name Vasomax) to treat erectile dysfunction in men

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The preoperative use of phentolamine, a nonspecific a-adrenergic blocker has a theoretical pharmacologic basis.
Firstly, the report provides a basic overview of the Phentolamine Market including its definition, applications and manufacturing technology.
What's new with phentolamine mesylate: a reversal agent for local anaesthesia?
The substitution of phentolamine with an equal amount of chlorpromazine as an alpha-blocker in vasoactive cocktails used for intracavernous injection therapy for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.
However, the administration of phentolamine, a non-specific a-adrenergic antagonist, also restores stress-impaired healing (Eijkelkamp, Engeland, Gajendrareddy, & Marucha, 2007), suggesting that the inhibitory effect exerted by stressors over the wound healing process does not depend exclusively on adrenal corticosteroids (Eijkelkamp, 2007; Saito, Tazawa, Yokoyama, & Saito, 1997).
The blood pressure stabilised with phentolamine and the venous drainage of the tumour was divided.
A number of other drugs, including benzodiazepines, atropine, nifedipine, indomethacin, octreotide, theophylline, phentolamine, and progesterone are also capable of affecting the test results and should also be avoided for several hours prior to testing.
Intra-arterial promethazine did not block the forearm arteriolar dilator response of intravenous morphine, but the alpha-adrenergic antagonist phentolamine did.
Using the phytoforensic approach of accounting for every peak, we have found other compounds like phentolamine and dapoxetine in combination with PDE-5 inhibitors.
The relaxant effect of schisandrin could be abolished by the neuronal Na` channel blocker tetrodotoxin (1 [micro]M) but not affected by propranolol (1 [micro]M), phentolamine (11.
Instructions regarding phentolamine administration were followed and 2 millilitres of 0.
Severe hypertension can be treated with labetalol, phentolamine, nitroprusside, or similar agents.
Phentolamine mesylate is a drug designed to reverse residual soft-tissue local anesthesia.
Other substances used for SCI-related ED include papaverine, a nonnarcotic opiate; phentolamine, a drug used to treat adrenal-gland tumors; and atropine.
Louis, MO); and an antagonist, phentolamine hydrochloride, was from LKT Laboratories (St.