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Synonyms for phenotypical

of or relating to or constituting a phenotype


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Human beings of different races are forcefully reminded of the irrelevance of their phenotypical differences by the fact that they are being asked to breed with aliens who look like sea slugs with limbs and tentacles.
What would otherwise operate at the level of implicit racialised knowledge is here serviceably broached: the articulation of the discursivity of race--in terms of its epidermal schemas and phenotypical hierarchies--as precisely something embedded within the networks of "service information" that effectively orient the practices of everyday life.
The impact of phenotypical behaviors associated with Prader-Willi syndrome on vocational outcome can be illustrated through case examples.
But the Germans in Germany do not regard migrant Turks living among them as belonging to the same race as themselves, principally on the basis of phenotypical differences.
Phenotypical improvement of morphological defences in the mussel Mytilus edulis induced by exposure to the predator Asterias rubens.
Moreover, and equally as telling, Darwinian biologists confront a material unrecognized by old-time physicalist scientists--DNA, with its programmatic (informational) instructions for organisms' phenotypical development and life, somatic (bodily) and behavioral (pp.
2], and soil fertility), genotypical (sun or shade plants), phenotypical (bent of the leaf), and physiological (carbon metabolism).
These cell lines were then used to study phenotypical changes affected by the mutations, including DNA repair by whole cell extracts and the accumulation of oxidative DNA damage in genomic DNA of cells after exposure to oxidative stress.
2] population of the cross Lisabeth x 19661, seed C18:1 content segregated into three overlapping phenotypical classes: normal, intermediate, and high oleic acid types (Fig.
Passing" novels examined the inanity of political divisions along what, in many cases, were arbitrary phenotypical distinctions.
40] It is difficult to draw definitive conclusions abou t the relationship between invasive potential and the differences in the expression of cellular adhesion molecules because of the phenotypical differences between tumor types.
Predator-induced phenotypical change in body morphology in Crucian Carp.
as a kind of navigational aid" -- we see that our definition of our phenotypical and social color lies in our determination.
In Australian popular discourses, for example, race tends to refer to skin-colour and other phenotypical markers, and is reserved, in particular, for